Advanced Export is an international Sales and Marketing Agency. Our Services don’t just stop at finding the right customer for our clients, but actually continue on with Financial Backing, Logistics assistance, Full Customer service and Support and of course Marketing.


We realize that certain product requires proper mass market distribution and representation rather than showroom style sales or to the trade sub distribution.

Having a distribution network in Eastern Europe as well as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and most other smaller countries that are a part of the “Old Soviet Bloc” we are able to bring you direct communication with customers without dealing with a middleman.


As a US based company we are able to simplify manufacturers sales into these volatile and complicated markets, without any additional expense. You as a      manufacturer or distributor do not have to hire a sales team, or spend money on travel, no need to send samples to every customer     requesting info and no need to negotiate terms, shipments, customs etc. We do it all as part of our standard service.


In a distributorship / representation relationship we do not actually sell your product but rather your brand to the trade and industry  and let you work directly with customers in order to keep the price points as low as possible and generate larger sale volumes.









 Our Sales team handles full sales cycle from Phone prospecting and face to face visits as well as hand holding for special clients in  order to make your product stand out from a pile of papers or catalogs.

We handle online marketing and mailing as well as show preparation and client screening.


Our Sales team has mandatory product training at least once a month and utilizes the latest technology from CRM updates to Digital  presentations and communication.  As employees of our company all sales people work on salary plus commission and goal  accomplishment basis, therefore giving them biggest incentive in selling selling selling.


We work with Manufacturers in setting up specific goals based on inventory, time of the year or any other specials you might have in  order to drive sales to your brand.



 We have the best possible rates for both Ocean and Air as well as LCL shipments into our core markets. Weekly Air shipments and  bi-monthly containers going out to our consolidation and transit warehouse in European Union make this possible. We employ  Customs brokers both in EU and Russia and Ukraine in order to simplify and streamline every single shipment.


We also ship all samples and marketing material needed to the customer at our own expense. As well as offering consolidating  inland freights both domestically in United States and internationally


 Our multilingual team of Accounting and Customer Service personnel will be able to support the customers oversees and resolve any  problem they might have with the vendors.


Our International Customer service team works from 10 AM to 10 PM GMT+3 (Moscow time) therefore giving full CS access to the  International clients as well as covering most of the work day here in US.


Our US based CS Team works 7 AM -4 PM EST allowing most crossover between the 2 teams.



 As an independent agent our goal is to make sure our clients and vendors are happy and one of the ways we can do that is to keep  an eye on the money. We make sure the vendors get paid on time and our clients get the best possible price without any middlemen.


We are able to offer international credit insurance and factoring if necessary and therefore raise international sales for our  Manufacturers while minimizing risk and exposure.


By Combining all of our Manufacturers under one umbrella insurance (as an option) we are able to offer the possible premium for  them to use international credit insurance with the least amount of exposure.


 While living in 21st Century we understand that Marketing and Social Media is the key to developing, growing and sustaining any  market. It’s also the most cost effective and fastest way of getting your message to the largest audience. We have a team of 4  dedicated Marketing Geniuses that live in the world of Social Media, Blogging and Hash tagging. This teams only job is to build  awareness of your brand in our market.


 We offer our clients a fully bonded and secured warehouse in a Transit zone inside a major European port. You rent the space that  you need and we provide the services you require. We can ship to any of yours or our customers and you completely control the  inventory. At any time, you can recall any product or goods without paying customs or duties.


The beauty of this service is that you are able to offer instant gratification of European or Russian customers without owning a  second warehouse clearing the goods or paying salaries and everyday expenses.


Depending on the volume of product we sell for you the fees for rental of space could be waved therefore offering a FREE  warehouse space in European Union.


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